Youtube Advertising

The Flink Way of YouTubing

Our smart approach to Youtube Advertising ensures that your company reach your target audience. 

Let me tell you how it works…

We make sure your Tracking is King

We make sure your Google Ads conversion tracking is in place to be able to measure our Youtube Advertising efforts in a fair manner. This allows us to measure and act quickly based on performance.  

Youtube campaign set up
Smart tools

We want to reach as many conversions as possible within our set budget. Using Google Smart bidding we can roll up our sleeves and focus on the important stuff – CREATE VALUE

Who´s our Target Audience?
Target accuracy

We use “In Market” and “Custom Intent” audiences to reach the perfect set of potential customers for your business. This allows us to speak directly to consumers actively searching for your product or service offering. 

Measure, optimize, measure

When we have your campaign rolling we will soon see results together in our customized and easy dashboard.  

Okay so...

Why Youtube Advertising?

It’s a verdict

More than 55% of people search for a product on Google and then learn more by going to YouTube before they buy it.

It works

Over 40% of global shoppers say that they’ve purchased products that they discovered on YouTube.

It’s popular

YouTube has the highest viewability and audibility on the web, at 95%. The viewability industry average is 66%

Our experience gives you...

Flink Best Practice

How to build a great YouTube Ad.

The structure of a YouTube Ad can be slightly different from more traditional formats in it´s build up and offer proposition. 

Youtube best practise
Start off strong

Introduce a clear problem statement like “The old way of doing X sucks…” 
Usually an ad start off with introducing a problem in which the product is made to solve. Since we do not want the viewer to click “Skip ad” we have to catch the viewers interest. 

Maintain connection

Explain benefits and features of your product / service and let the product be the Hero of the frame. 

Keep in mind that most people watch your ad on a mobile device so make sure the product is viewable on a smaller screen. Get close!

Climax / Big reveal

Introduce your Brand and product as the solution to the problem stated. How is your Brand different. Do not be afraid to stick put your chest.  

Offer / Resolution

Now it is time to drive action! 

Repeat branding and drive the potential customer to the website with a clear call to action. 

Let us help you!