A new way to recruit.

An important part of attracting people to your workplace is to reflect as many of the positive aspects of your company as possible in the shortest period of time – exactly when and where the candidate is open for it.

Recruitment Advertising šŸ¤ Employer Branding

We believe that the best way to recruit is to advertise to the right group of people and making sure you have creative material for them to connect and relate to.

Utilizing Social media

With our help, nothing will be left to guesswork. Based on your target audience we will choose relevant social media channels and create suitable ads where we activate and engage your existing creative material. In addition, with our retargeting advertising, we can make sure that the right candidate is convinced and contacts you.

Tailored solutions for your needs

We customize solutions specifically for your needs. Our model is cost-effective and based on target groups and measurable results. With great precision we will set up recruitment ads that reach your target group with great reliability. Effectively reaching people in all positions, age groups and occupational sectors.

Flink recruitment facts

  • Reach
    We tailor a unique target audience for all campaigns.
  • Engagement
    ~  30% of all potential candidates engage and reacts with your material.

FlinkĀ“s reqruitment Journey

We have been studying how individuals behave online when searching for new careersĀ  and how they interact with photos, videos and reviews of companies. Based on this we have developed the Flink approach to recruitment.

Reaching the candidate
First stage

No matter if our candidate has actively searched for a jobĀ  or if we have gotten the attention of a person with no intention of applying for a new job – the first contact point is crucial.Ā 

We have to stand out in either text, image or video and be professional, relatable and desirable.Ā Ā 

Can I see myself there?
Second stage

If we see an image of a work place, a team having fun, working hard or colleagues that have reached a common goal and celebrates – we imagine ourselves in that company. With that team.

As an example, have you positioned your company so this could have been about you?

New colleague: “IĀ“ve gotten a new job at X!”
Friend: “Wow! šŸ„³šŸ„³Ā Thats so cool, congratulations!!”

Our goal is to create a recruitment process where you reach the right candidate multiple times and provide all the material needed for them to envision themselves in that photo or video.

Comparison & evaluation
Third stage

As in eCommerce, you do not convince someone to do something with one contact point. We need to bring as many facts to the table as needed to help in the comparison and evaluation process. We have to answer; Will I be happier in that company?

Can we help you find the right person for your comapany?